STC is More than Just a Ride

Passengers often build connections with our staff, especially drivers like Mignon, who recently was promoted to lead driver. “We were happy for her promotion, but we didn’t want you to take her away from us!” passenger June exclaims, hugging Mignon as the driver checks June’s seat belt. Mignon earns their support as she dodges rough spots in the road carefully. Despite her expert navigation, the ride is a little bumpy. The hardware on the wheelchair lift jangles, making the bumps seem even bigger.

June and her friends attend lunch and activities at The New Life Senior Center in East Cleveland. As the vehicle heads to the facility at The Salvation Army complex, the passengers point to places they remember: what has closed, where they shop, who serves a good fish dinner. They follow the progress of an RTA station renovation. These are lifelong public transportation users, who still catch the bus. STC is just a different kind of bus than the one they once boarded to work or shop downtown.

Mignon’s next stop is a suburban hospital to drop off James, a retired truck driver, at his medical appointment.  James remarks how much he enjoys seeing green lawns, shade trees and stately homes. June says she looks forward to seeing their winter holiday decorations.

As we pass through University Circle, James remembers being young and smitten, hiking down the hill from his childhood home to visit a girlfriend. He fished in the little pond near the Art Museum. He remembered favorite signs along the highway when his family took a trip to Euclid Beach Park. “When I saw the ad for POC beer, I knew where we were going!” he laughed at the memory. He was able to see two physicians on that trip, so while it was a long day for him, he accomplished much within his one round-trip per week. As he headed to his apartment, he thanked us for the ride and the memories.

When Family is Far Away, STC Keeps Seniors on the Go

Sadi Francis & Tiffani
Senior Transportation Connection (STC) is committed to providing comprehensive, efficient, and affordable transportation for senior adults in Cuyahoga County. But, our customers are not just the seniors who get on the bus –we’re also a vital service for family members who cannot be there to help.

Like many of us whose careers and life paths take us from our childhood homes, Staci Morgan lives in Columbus and her sister Tiffani Morgan lives in Akron. Their biggest concern for their mom Sadi Morgan and grandmother Francis Gallatin is transportation so they continue to live independently in their Olmsted Falls home. The sisters want the peace of mind knowing Sadi and Francis enjoy their lives to the very fullest.

“My mom and grandma have used STC for several years, Staci explained. It is the best, affordable way for them to continue to enjoy their independence. And, it brings me comfort knowing they have reliable transportation services.”

Many riders rely upon STC for their medical appointments, but that is not all we do! Sadi and Francis take full advantage of the social opportunities STC provides: Mom plays cards with friends and they both enjoy shopping. They have their freedom without asking friends for rides, or having their kids and grandkids weigh them down! Staci quipped.

They also value the drivers’ customer service and courtesy. Assistance with grocery bags and the door to door driver escort are especially helpful. All of the drivers are helpful, but Harold in particular is extremely kind. He has made a great impression on the entire family, Staci said.

Ten years ago, Olmsted Falls was among the first communities to contract with STC to provide transportation for its seniors. We are proud to celebrate a more than a decade of service ensuring Francis, Sadi and all its senior residents continue to enjoy living in their home community.

Our goal is to maintain a trusted service, so our passengers can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. For more information on STC services, please call 216-265-1489.


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Do you have trouble getting around because you don’t drive? Are you age 60 or older, or have disability? STC will take you to medical appointments, senior centers, grocery shopping and more! Senior Transportation Connection provides coordinated, efficient, affordable transportation for seniors and adults with disabilities throughout Cuyahoga County, Ohio. If you're an older adult or someone with disabilities, learn how low cost rides with STC can help.

If you see your hometown or an agency you use here, call us to find out how you can get going with STC!

STC has accessible vehicles with ramps or lifts for easy, comfortable entry. “Door to door” assistance from trained drivers delivers exceptional customer service and a personal experience. When you reserve a ride, you will speak to a real person in our Cleveland-based Call Center -- No getting stuck in an automated menu, pressing buttons!

Our goal is to keep our passengers connected to their community activities, medical care and hot meals with friends. You will ride safely and in comfort if you use a wheelchair, walker or other equipment. If you need someone to help, your personal care aide can accompany you.

How it Works

Once approved, you can make reservations for trips three days or more in advance. The service is available weekdays. Your community defines where we travel, what kinds of trips are allowed, the fees and hours of operation. We confirm all this when you schedule your ride.

Since communities and agencies pay for most of the trip, we work together to keeps costs affordable and your fees manageable. STC also asks for charitable donations and grants to help cover the services’ costs. Make your gift to non-profit STC here.

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