COVID-19 Precautions

• All drivers are required to wear some form of face covering while they are in contact with riders. (Any face covering -that covers both the nose and mouth)

• Both gloves and masks are provided by STC -every day – to every driver.

• Wash your hands frequently with soap and water where available.

• When soap and water are not available, use a hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer is in each vehicle for personal use.

• Drivers will assist passengers with minimal contact, but as necessary – i.e. assisting with seat belt fastening and wheelchair securement.

• If there are multiple passengers, they must be seated “socially distant” on the bus.

• Riders are directed to place their fare/donation directly in the fare bag.

• All surfaces on the bus are wiped down or sprayed with a commercial sanitizer or a mix of bleach and water before the end of the day (1/2 cup bleach to 1 gallon water).

• Bus floors are swept and mopped daily and all trash on the vehicle is emptied.


• As often stated by the many differing departments of health, masks and gloves alone will not protect you from experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or any other virus. These PPE items are meant solely to protect those around you.

• If you are not feeling well please stay home. Your health and safety are of primary importance.


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Accessible transportation for older adults

Get Going With STC

Do you have trouble getting around because you don’t drive? Are you age 60 or older, or have disability? STC will take you to medical appointments, senior centers, grocery shopping and more! Senior Transportation Connection provides coordinated, efficient, affordable transportation for seniors and adults with disabilities throughout Cuyahoga County, Ohio. If you're an older adult or someone with disabilities, learn how low cost rides with STC can help.

If you see your hometown or an agency you use here, call us to find out how you can get going with STC!

STC has accessible vehicles with ramps or lifts for easy, comfortable entry. “Door to door” assistance from trained drivers delivers exceptional customer service and a personal experience. When you reserve a ride, you will speak to a real person in our Cleveland-based Call Center -- No getting stuck in an automated menu, pressing buttons!

Our goal is to keep our passengers connected to their community activities, medical care and hot meals with friends. You will ride safely and in comfort if you use a wheelchair, walker or other equipment. If you need someone to help, your personal care aide can accompany you.

How it Works

Once approved, you can make reservations for trips three days or more in advance. The service is available weekdays. Your community defines where we travel, what kinds of trips are allowed, the fees and hours of operation. We confirm all this when you schedule your ride.

Since communities and agencies pay for most of the trip, we work together to keeps costs affordable and your fees manageable. STC also asks for charitable donations and grants to help cover the services’ costs. Make your gift to non-profit STC here.

Call STC today to find out how you can get going!